We create spaces engineered for humans to love.

Spaces that breathe and blend with their surroundings.

Spaces with big impact, yet small environmental footprints.

Through inspired mechanical and electrical solutions, we achieve discreet and sustainable energy efficiency in every design, while making sure it seamlessly integrates with your building’s architecture for a welcoming and high-performing environment.

We create spaces people love




Our designs leave little footprint, are structurally sympathetic and simply work well without being seen.


Delivering highly responsive and reliable mechanical design for buildings of all sizes, shapes and functions is what we aspire to achieve and it’s what we deliver.

Our team of dedicated mechanical engineers bring decades of insight, passion and experience to every project to create efficient solutions that simply work well without being seen. Using specialist integrated analysis tools, we can simulate energy modelling, ventilation airflows and daylighting analysis allow us to influence the form and function of buildings

We use our collaborative skills and experience combined with the latest technology to create spaces that work harder, smarter and greener to create a sense of well-being and synergy with the world around it.

We believe your building can- and should- live and breathe with us.


We achieve outstanding results for our clients through open communication, state-of-the-art design and the latest cutting-edge technology.

From day one of each new project, our team of electrical engineers collaborate and share their experience and expertise to zero in on the perfect integrated solution. Together they create considered, dynamic and sustainable designs that work with the space for maximum results and minimal impact.

Whether it’s a new build or refurbishments on a listed building, we work closely with every client to design solutions specific to the individual project’s size, budget and efficiency goals.


Navigating the complexities of environmental regulations can be challenging. But we know it’s worth it.

By using specialist dynamic simulation packages, we influence the creation of high-performing energy efficient engineering solutions that create comfort conditions for buildings occupants whilst reducing CO2 emissions without compromising the environment or depleting essential materials we believe we’re helping to build a better world.

We have years of experience that have taught us the best ways to create greener and cleaner designs that improve functionality and blend seamlessly into any environment, yet keep the user experience at its heart.

We believe we can use our planet’s limited resources mindfully to create sustainable spaces that treat future generations with the respect and care they deserve.

At RPP we strive to provide buildings which are both creative and pragmatic. To allow us the freedom to be creative we collaborate with companies which share a similar ethos, and that can be relied upon to have the engineering excellence, innovation and experience to make our designs a reality.

ISD are among those we trust to always offer expert advice, to be innovative and work promptly, always with our clients’ best interests at the forefront.